The talk of the town now is the pink colour car park lots that has been specially located for LADIES ONLY! These special lots has now been introduced in Ikea, Century Square in Tampines and Furama Riverfront Hotel.However, the number of lots for ladies only in these places are few.The target audience for these special lots were families, women with children below the age of 10 and for women!

The reasons behind these special lots were that it is simply for the convenience of the ladies since these lots are located nearer to the entrance..Thus, the ladies would not feel haggard especially when they are in their heels!Moreover, another reason would be that it is to help parents, especially those with young children , load and unload bulky prams more easily!

In my opinion, I feel that there is a necessity to allocate parking lots for women only because I feel that it would make life much easier for women, especially those with children as they would not find difficulty anymore in carrying things required for their children!

Without hesitation, I would definitely say that the priorty to enjoy these special lots should be given to the mothers.It is indeed not a very easy to be a mother.Without them there would not be us and there would not be a next generation.Hence, we must cherish them.One way to accomplish that is to present them with this special priority!!!


First of all, I was rendered speechless after reading the article about the issue of religious groups staffs getting high salaries.Moreover, It was not just one or two religious groups but 7 religious groups who had annual incomes of over $10 million each!


In my opinion, I feel that in this very world everyone should be equally treated.Thus, I feel that it is not fair that the religous groups are receiving a hefty sum of money as their salary.Furthermore,I find that these money could have been used for a good purpose such as a donation to charities or for needy people.

However, I am not saying that these religious groups should not get any salary. In a way, these groups did contribute in nurturing religious values and pride in religion in everyone. It is just that receiving only sufficient amount of money as salary and giving the rest to the unfortunates not only benefits the them but also solves this very issue!

Hence,I hope that this issue would soon be solved and I hope that this issue would not affect the learning of the next generation about their religion.This very issue should be solved as soon as possible in order for Singapore’s name as a multi- racial country to be sustained!!!





“NTU” Death Fall!

April 11, 2009

To start of with, I would have to say that I was utterly shocked and at the same time sad to hear about the death about the NTU student.It was indeed a tragic death because the student is only in his 20s! Speaking about the student, many said that he behaved strangely since the beginning of the year and that he played computer games for 6 hours a day to relief himself. The worst situation is that he played computer games even when examinations and project due dates were approaching!

Basically, I personally feel that it depends on a person’s mind to decide whether he want his life to be smooth or rough. Doing things by burning the midnight oil will definitely make oneself very stressful.However, if we plan our life accordingly, there would be no reason for us to be stressed out! Moreover, we should consider our problems & difficulties as a CHALLENGE! If we do so, I have no doubt that we will be STRESS FREE!

At this point of time, as a student, my biggest aim is to excel in O Level and I think that as the thing which adds up to my stress level.Nevertheless, I am sure that my stress level will never get to me  as I find my aim as a CHALLENGE. Most importantly, I hope I will ace my O Levels!!!

Without women, life would be less colourful,cheerful and beautiful!This is how women are appreciated in this very world.In Singapore there are many types of women and one would be single mums.The economic recession has not only affected us but also many single mums.So SINGLE MUMS here is a piece of good news for you!

A project called “We Care For You” has been launched to help single mums.The projects aims to reach out to not only single mums but as well as divorcees and widows.I think that this project  will definitely reduce some of the burden from the single mums because this project helps single mums who do not only have a tougher time balancing their family and work but also find hard to get help.In addition,  the objective of the project is to provide help to those mums with financial problem or have a rough time!

In my opinion, I will advise the single mum to find a job because now, she is the sole breadwinner in her family. Furthermore, if possible I may get some help from my family or school to recommend some jobs for her.Moreover, I will advise the single mum to enhance her skills or learn some such as cooking, sewing, business and many more as they may be handy for her to get some money! In addition, I will tell the single mum to never ever stop from showing care and concern to her children even her problems are over her head.

I would say that showing love & spending time with your children is one way to relief your stress  and at the same time your children will also receive your love in abundance which is the most vital thing a child should get from his/her mother!!!

To start of with body arts such as tattoos & piercing,till today most of us think that people have tattoos because they like it. Well, it is time that we should reconsider that thought! Yes! May be, it might be the reason for some to have tattoos. But, many have tattoos because they want to be ‘Outstanding’ from the others.In addition, many have tattoos because they feel that it is a way of releasing their stress and pressure which can be reaching over their heads.

In my opinion, I would not feel easy if I come across any person whose body is covered with tattoos. Personally, I feel that the first impression of a person is what that first counts. Furthermore, I would would be astonished to see how far a person can spend just on body arts!

In future, I  guarantee that I will not have tattoos as I feel that the the money$$$ being poured on such body arts can be spent on something that is worthy. For example, the money can be spent on buying gifts for my family who are always there for me whenever I need them! Start to PONDER fellow friends!!!

Recently, the toll of girls under 16 having sex has been reaching the sky.The most common reason that is lying around teenagers having this serious problem is because of PEER PRESSURE.Many are forced to have sex with their boyfriend because all of their friends were already doing it with their boyfriend.In addition, the bad influences such as ‘ Since I have lost my virginity, sex does not really matter to me anymore!’  from some girls makes other young female teenagers to have sex! 

Moreover, it is also the pressure that is coming from their boyfriend side to have sex and in order to prove their love, they give themselves to them.Furthermore, some girl are sexually aggressive initiators of sex as they have sex because they feel that it is a form of pleasure for them and they want to seekemotional fulfillment from their boyfriends.These are also done to fulfill the desire to have closer bonding with their boyfriends!

These teenagers are only looking at the pleasure that they are receiving now but not the miserable life that will come next.Through this more than males, females are the ones who are suffering the most in terms of unwanted pregnancy ,abortion,or even raising a baby in their teenage life!In addition,  teenagers must also think the mortification their parents will go through the rest of their life from your one minute pleasure!

So, THINK TEENAGERS! {especially females!!!}

~ Tuiton Crazy!!! ~

February 2, 2009

Extra Tuitions are going crazy among students as they feel that  extra tuition is necessary for them because they think that they are unable to cope in school and that they find it hard to grasp concepts during school time.The students want more time to digest the topics they are learning and extra tuition meets their needs!

In my opinion, extra tuition is unnecessary because I feel that as long as we pay attention in class, do our homeworks  regularly, practice & revise each topic of  the subject, there will be no problems in managing our subjects! Furthermore, even if you we not know the topic very well, we can always ask our respective subjects.Isn’t this a great idea?

Moreover, we must know very well to manage our time because it will helps us to achieve excellent results.This will  in turn definitely open the door for success for us in our future!!!